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Greetings Agape Persian Catery,

Winston Perseus (fka Huckelberry) came home in April.  Since then, he has adapted well and remains cautious of our 3 dogs.  Each day he gets a little closer to each of them.  Winston is the cutiest most adorable kitten and we have fallen in love him.  He sleeps at the foot of the bed everynight and he loves to have his chin tickled.  We have not had any accidents, he was potty trained well.  Nina’s instructions were very helpful for the transition.  Winston loves to play and it’s hilarious to watch him chase his tail.  He loves company and greets us when we arrive home from school and work.  In the evening he sits with us while we watch TV.  He has been a wonderful addition to our family!

Thank you for providing the perfect cat for us.

Xoxoxo Sally and Family
Tustin, CA
Hi Nina,

I thought you might like to see how well Winston is doing.  He is so darn cute and so sweet and fun, really just a perfect cat.  He purrs every time I pick him up, it is so cute. his fur is getting darker and is so striking.


Hi Nina, 
She is doing GREAT, we love her so much.  She is now living with my family in Saudi Arabia.  They absolutely adore her.  She is the sweetest kitten ever!  I will send you pictures of her  Halloween.  So Cute!!

Thank you!
Saudi Arabia, via Texas!
Nov. 2009
Hi Nina! 
I wanted to send you some pictures and give you an update on Lancelot. We changed his name to Huckleberry and we call him "Huck" for short. Huck is doing great, and is so sweet. As you will see from the pictures- he is getting along great with our other cat, BB. It only took them about 3 days to tolerate each other and now they are best buddies. 

Thank you for our special little guy. 

We love him so much! 

Arcadia, Florida

To: Agape Persian &  Nina Papageorge’s                                                                                       
A Testimonial!

My name Is Christina, and I live in NY.  I am relatively new to the Persian cat world.  I “discovered” them last winter, and have been obsessed with them ever since!

I attended 2 cat shows this past summer.  I knew I wanted to show, so I began looking for a female kitten that was show quality, as well as one that would also be suitable as a breeder if I chose to breed later on.  

After browsing tons of websites, I found a little brown patched tabby on Nina’s website “Agape Persian.” Nefertiti was adorable and exactly what I was looking for.  I inquired, but did not expect to be given the time of day – being so new to the cat fancy many breeders do not take newcomers seriously.

Nina surprised me!! I am so thankful and appreciative.  Nina has been so friendly and has offered advice, as well as answers to many questions. She has also offered to be there for me as “Nefie” and I begin showing.

Nefie came to me in a little pink crate, all the way from California!  She was very friendly, happy, and snuggly.  Physically, she was absolutely beautiful! Her colorful coat was long, thick and beautifully groomed. Her face is so adorable and sweet, I couldn’t help but fall in love with her!  It was very evident Nina spent a lot of time with her. 

She has been with us about 6 weeks now, and my family loves her so much!  Nina, you did a wonderful job with her! Thanks you so much for my precious little sweetie!

We will keep you posted on our show progress!!

Christina and Nefie 
New York, USA
Dec 2010

Hi Nina!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! 

I wanted to send you an update on "Napoleon".  We actually changed his name to Bentley and had him fixed.  He is so wonderful!  He has just made himself the "King of the Castle" around here and we love him so much!  He has one of the best personality you could find and he is so loving!  I am so thankful and glad we found you and that you were able to give us such a joy!  He has definitely helped with our grieving process after loosing my other precious cat Braxton.  Him and our other cat Skylar get along so great, even though he bullies her a bit she still loves him and they play all the time together!

I have attached a few pictures for you to see and the paperwork regarding the neutering.

Let me know if you need me to send you anything else!  

Thank you again so much!
Orange County, Pet Expo
Costa Mesa, CA
April 15th 
Long Hair, Kitten Class: AgapePersian My Amazing Grace 
Chinchilla Blue Silver, Female, 6 months old. 
WON. . . . 

Sally & family were so in love with Perseus, they adopted another little baby, Jasmine Princess Love!  A VERY RARE Chinchilla Blue Silver!!
May 2011
Hello Kitty Lovers! 

I want to share my experience on finding the perfect cat for my family.  I searched the internet for months and emailed many catteries.  I hit the jackpot when I found Agape Persians and Nina Papageorge!  She responded by phone promptly and was very easy to talk to.  She asked about my family and children and other pets to determine what temperment would fit.  I have a four year old, 12 pound yorkie/shitzu and three young children 7, 8 and 10.  She said it sounded like her family!  When  my Kitty was ready to go, I drove 300 miles to pick him up, so I did meet Nina in person.  When she handed me "Titus" now named "Oliver", my mouth dropped open. He was the most beautiful cat I have ever seen!  He is now four months old and weighs four pounds.  My family adores him.  When I take him to the vet, the whole office comes up front to hold him!  He just loves it.  Thank you, Nina, for this precious kitty.  

Leslie Risso
Stockton, Ca.

Hi Nina!

Look at Gorgeous Simba chilling on my bed.  He's fabulous!!!  We are enjoying the pictures of the new kittens on your website!!!  
Too cute:)))

Agoura Hills, CA
To Whom It May Concern:

Last summer we purchased two beautiful baby Persian kittens from Nina Pappageorge’s and we are so happy to have them.

They are siblings who were born in June, 2011 and came to live with us in August, 2011. We never realized just how much these kittens would mean to us—but it’s more than words can say. They bonded well with us and we are sure that is due to the guidance that Nina gave us about how to transition them. The kittens have grown even more beautiful as time has passed. Lexie is a Calico with beautiful markings and is quite affectionate. Bogie, a male, is red and white, and can steal your heart with one look at you. We are very grateful to Nina for all the assistance she gave us in how to take care of the kittens, what to expect, feeding, setting up their “home room,” grooming, etc.

Their “home room” is where they sleep, eat, play, and have litter boxes. We communicated with Nina whenever we had questions and she always responded in a timely manner and with caring concern. There’s no doubt that the manner in which she took care of the kittens in her cattery made it fortunate for us in taking over their care. While we have said they’re affectionate, they also are independent and everyone who sees them says great things about them. In fact, the Veterinarian and all of her assistants just rave about them. They say they’ve not had kittens who purred so much; they can tell they’re happy kittens.

We highly recommend Nina Papageorge’s to anyone who wants to acquire Persians.

Maggie and Rick Barker
Ventura, CA

Hi Nina!  
It's Lori H.  I purchased Delphi a couple of years ago. He's doing great.  I'm sending a picture so you can see the mischievous guy!!! He's my crazy cat! I'm looking on the website and I'm in love with Willa!!  


Delphi's pictures are the 3 on top & Willa is to the left. Lori has purchased Willa also & she'll be going home later this month. LOOK AT THOSE EYES!!!!
One of our BEAUTIFUL SHADED GOLDEN kittens placed.  Here about 1-2 years old.