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Kitten prices:
Pets are typically priced at $1595 and may range.  Full registration for kittens being sold as Show or Breeders, vary from $2000 to $3000. Kittens are priced depending on how well they meet the Persian Standard in CFA first, followed by color, pattern, and type.  Kittens sold as Pets can be Show/Breeder quality, but sold as a Pet due to buyers choice.  If sold as a pet you will not receive the PIN # necessary to register any offspring from a breeding, even though your kitten is CFA registered.  I must give this number, essentially my permission for you to breed registered kittens.  Typically Pet quality kittens are those that do not meet the show or breeder standards for CFA 100%, but will make beautiful, wonderful, healthy, loving pets. Breeder quality kittens are those that I believe will have a positive impact on a breeding program, will probably champion (meet CFA standards) but may not possess the qualities to achieve Grand Champion status. Show quality kittens are those that will at least champion but with proper care and grooming could possibly achieve Grand Champion status. 

Retired Cat Prices:
Occasionally I have a retired Queen or Sire.  These pets are priced at $200 - $600 generally.  

Shipping is an additional $350-$450 depending on the weight of the kitty, for domestic air.  Both domestic and international shipping are available at the buyers expense from Los Angeles International Airport, or John Wayne Airport.  Shipping costs include airfare, vet check, additional per state required shipping vaccines (rabies), airport delivery expenses (gas & parking), new pet carrier, baby blanket, kitten toy, and food for travel. United Airlines/Continental Airlines is my Preferred Airline. I fly in their PetSafe Program. 

Deposits are necessary to hold a Kitten or to get "pick of the litter rights".   Pick of the litter is given in order of deposits during a Queens pregnancy. 
Sired by: Zeus & Zena
Shaded Blue Silver
Very RARE Color
Doll Faced ~ Female
She is now living at another Cattery in CA


Sired by: Zeus & Zena
Shaded Golden
Doll Faced ~ Male
Dylan now resides in the state of MA

Sired by: Miracle & Sonny
Extreme Dominant Calico
Elsa now resides in Redondo Beach, CA 

Sired by: Miracle & Sonny
Red & White Bi-Color
Ella now lives with her 
Brother Elvis

Some Adopted Babies.  .  .
The kittens on this page are NOT available.  
They are all Happily residing in their FOREVER HOMES!!!
I am providing these pictures to give you an idea of what 
your little Baby kitten will look like. Please also see our Cats on FaceBook.     

Sired by: Aphrodite & Zeus
Shaded Golden
Fabio now resides in the 
state of MD
Sired by: Miracle & Honorable Son
"Grand Gatsby" 
Red/White Bi-Color
Extreme ~ Male
Gatsby now resides in CA on a horse ranch
Sired by: Zeus & Zena
Shaded Silver ~ Doll Faced
Dora now lives In Saudi Arabia
Sired by: Iris & Honorable Son
Cream & White Bi-Color
Angie now lives on 
a cattery in CA
Sired by: Zena & Zeus
Shaded Silver, Doll Faced
Huckleberry lives in CA!!

Sired by: Iris & Zeus
Brown Patched Tabby
Nefertiti now lives in New York and is going to STAR in some Cat Shows!!
Sired by: Iris & Zeus
Blue Tabby
Neptune now lives in New Jersey!!
Sired by: Hope & Adonis
Black& White BiColor
Garbo now lives in Arkansas!!

Sired by: Hope & Zeus
"Blue Phantom"
Blue Smoke Tabby & White BiColor
Phantom now lives with an Orange County Doctor and her Son, in CA.