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      PKD Negative Cattery ~ Shipping Available
All kittens are sold with a ONE YEAR written Health Guarantee. This protects you against genetic illnesses.  All kittens and cats have had their vaccinations, are wormed, and healthy when placed.  Shipped kittens/cats will receive a vet check & signed vet release prior to shipping. Our Queens and Kings are all PKD negative.   

Shipping fee: I will ship your kitten to you.  Your kitten will arrive via United Airlines/Continental Airlines "Pet Safe" Program.  Shipped  Kittens arrive in kitten carrier, with health record, pet bed, kitten toy, veterinarian release/check, dry food.  Shipping within the United States., has a flat fee of $400. The shipping fee covers the price of the flight, pet carrier, kitten bed, kitten toy, vet health certificate, travel certificate,  tolls, parking fees, and transport to and from the airport.  I will ship any other requested airline - should weather permit. 

Reserving a Kitten: Please note that Deposits received are 
"NON-REFUNDABLE". This is because your kitten is considered SOLD once the deposit is received.  I accept your deposit in good-faith, and I will be turning away other potential buyers on your behalf.  Deposits may be made by PayPal, personal check, or cashiers check.  Final payments must be in the form of a money order, cashiers check, or PayPal, and received 2 weeks prior to kittens placement.  All personal checks must be given at least 2 weeks to clear.   
Kittens are available to go home, at the age of 12 - 16 weeks of age if shipped.  They are available at 10-12 weeks of age if picked up. 

Kitten Transitioning: You will receive the AgapePersian Kitten Handbook via email, once I receive your Deposit. Your Handbook goes over all the details you need to help your AgapePersian kitten transation to your Forever Home.  I detail grooming, food, litter, bathing, other pets;  Really everything you need to know to help keep you and your Kitten be happy.  Of course, I am always available for questions and have made some wonderful friendships with many of my customers throughout the years. 

About Persians as a Breed: Persian cats are the most lovable cat breed in the world!!  They are also the most popular cat in the world. All of my angels are raised with love, as I have a huge passion for this Breed.  My cat's and kittens are family, and as such, given alot of love and attention immediately from birth.  We adore each one.  My cattery is a clean healthy environment, and is parasite free.  I strive to be true to each placement, and match the right kitten or cat to the right family or person.  Please let me know about you: size of family, amount of time at home, ages of children, your breeding program, etc.  I do follow up with my buyers!  Please also send pictures as I will want to see your kitten at one year, to help me make future breeding decisions.

Persian cats are the "Cadillac's" of all cat breeds.  Beautiful, calm, loving, and with those incredible Persian BIG round eyes.  They have their very distinct look, incredible sweet personalities, and they absolutely love people!!         They are Strikingly Beautiful​.
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My Persians must only be INDOOR babies. 
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    Coastal Sunset Run with my 3 children here in Beautiful Dana Point, CA 
My eldest Daughter Zoe, holding Thalia, who is in a Summertime Lion Cut.   Zeus in the background!!
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